News8 June, 2017

The CDC states one Lyme test may not be enough and to be cautious with false-negative results from Lyme disease tests after getting a tick bite.  The test in the early stages only tests positive from 29-40% of the time.  

Lyme disease testing can be negative in the first month following infection and this is because we’re really waiting for the human immune response to mount in response to the infection,” said Claudia Molins, a CDC Microbiologist.


**Doctors who suspect Lyme/MSIDS should should make a clinical diagnosis due to the inaccuracy of testing.  Empiric treatment is also  warranted:


According to one of the most experienced Wisconsin LLMD’s, some folks never mount enough of an immune response to meet the stringent and arbitrary CDC two-tiered testing.  Often these are the sickest of patients.

The elephant in the room hasn’t budged in over 40 years.


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