The Arkansas Department of Health is repeating the mantra of the CDC – do NOT use tick borne testing that isn’t FDA approved.  The bad-boy tests include: Lyme Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) tests, capture assays for antigens in urine, reverse Western Blots, and antibody measurement in joint fluid.  

Owner of Any Lab Test, Sean Donnegan, is offering the PCR anyway due to it’s lower closet (about $200 – half the price of CDC approved tests), simplicity (1 blood draw that takes 15 minutes) and good results in a mere 5 days.

The ADH and CDC believe there’s too many false positives and negatives in the bad boy testing and would rather own the monopoly on testing which misses over half of all cases.  

Video here (the video uncorrected states this PCR test is FDA approved):§ion=home“>§ion=home

For more on testing, please see: Fantastic article here.

IGeneX is another lab that uses TBI (Tick borne illness) testing that is NOT FDA approved yet is CLIA lab approved and used by most LLMD’s (Lyme literate doctors trained by ILADS). It is a far more sensitive and accurate test in a laboratory that specializes in virology and bacteriology; however, please realize some of the sickest patients never test positively as the tests measure antibodies NOT organisms.  This is why it’s important to see a LLMD as they are experienced and educated in symptomology and other parameters that help them make a clinical diagnosis.