Lyme carditis with complete heart block: management with an external pacemaker

  • Muhammad Ali Chaudhry,

  • Srinivasa D. Satti,

  • Ira R. Friedlander

    First published: 26 April 2017


Lyme carditis is an uncommon disease entity with potential complications of the conductive system such as advanced atrioventricular (AV) nodal block which can be life-threatening if quick diagnosis and early therapy is not initiated.

Here, we present an interesting case of a 26-year-old gentleman with Lyme carditis who was managed with emergent external pacemaker placement and antibiotic therapy.

Free, full text (pdf file, 282 KB):

***FYI:  Lyme carditis is NOT RARE.  Time for doctors and researchers to extract their heads out of the sand!


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