While many families are trying to make the decision between which gifts to buy this holiday season, the Miller family of Robinson are trying to determine which medications the family can afford.  Wife Lacey and daughters Karmen and Lizette have Chronic Lyme Disease.

Source: Waco Family must choose between medicines and home for Christmas

https://www.youcaring.com/lacey-miller-677732  (Online Fund at this link – info below)

Help Lacey, Zeb, Karmen, Lizette & Wren Miller survive Chronic Illness!
Durning the past few months, our incredible friend, Lacey Miller, and two of her daughters were diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease. The Millers have spent seven years and over $100,000 chasing a diagnosis for their family. Though devastating, this discovery has finally brought definition to the countless elusive medical afflictions they’ve been suffering.
Twelve-year-old Karmen, and seven-year-old Lizette experience severe fevers, multiple viral infections, joint and muscle pain, debilitating nausea and vomiting, extreme fatigue, staph infections, neurological damage, tachycardia and many other miserable symptoms. Lizette, who is especially ill, has had seven hospital visits and nearly thirty doctor appointments just in the last six months, with five different viral or bacterial infections in the last 6 weeks.