Our next meeting will be Friday, November 18 from 5:30-8:45. We have the privilege of having Bob Giguere of IGeneX Labs come to discuss the presence of Lyme and co-infections in Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, and the U.S. He will also cover the techniques used in his laboratory for testing and a full explanation of the western blot interpretation per CDC criteria as well as the IGeneX criteria. He will also discuss the symptoms that are commonly seen by ILADS physicians as well as the differing stances of ILADS vs IDSA in dealing with MSIDS. He also is prepared to discuss individual test results after the talk so bring your results with you.

Mr. Giguere spent the majority of his career dealing with clinical laboratory medicine in the esoteric fields of genetics, endocrinology, and immunology. He did his undergraduate study at Province College and then received his molecular biology training at MIT. Since starting his laboratory career in the early 1980’s at the Nichols Institute in California, he has been a director or higher level at a number of nationally recognized esoteric clinical laboratories. These include the molecular laboratory Collaborative Research Inc. and Repomedix, Inc, in greater Boston. He was COO and Senior Vice President at Boston BioMedica Clinical Laboratory during the 1990’s and for the past 10 years Director of Sales at IGeneX, Inc.

Please come, ask questions, bring family – and your regular doctor.  This will be a talk you don’t want to miss as most do not understand testing for Lyme Disease or the co-infections that typically come with it.  This is an informational talk so bring all your questions with you as well as your test results if you wish to have them interpreted.

See you there!

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