Excellent interview with Hall and Horowitz.  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dana-parish/its-a-scandal–daryl-hall_b_11118332.html

“Dr. Horowitz: There is definitely hope for those who are still sick and not getting better. I have seen over 12,000 chronically ill Lyme patients in the last 28 years, and by diagnosing and treating all of the abnormalities on the MSIDS map, the majority of people get better.

For some, its using a different combination of antibiotics and antimalarial medications. Many have Lyme and persistent co-infections like Babesia, Bartonella and Mycoplasma and need all of the infections properly treated, or they won’t improve.

That was the case with my wife, who is finishing up 12 months of a Dapsone protocol, and it’s the best she has been during the 20 years of our marriage. For others, the key might be treating hormone abnormalities, getting them on an allergen-free diet, getting them to sleep, or detoxing more (my wife also needed to do all of that to feel better). Everyone is different, but if you work with your healthcare provider and go through diagnosing and treating all of the 16 points on the MSIDS map, you should definitely see improvement. Do not give up!”

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