May Support Meetings

As you know, May is Lyme Disease awareness month.  In that spirit we will be having two support meetings:  Saturdays May 14 and 28 (2016) from 2:30-4:30pm at Madison Pinney Library, 204 Cottage Grove Road, Madison, WI 53716

May 14 will be a regular support meeting.  Feel free to bring what has helped you the most.  Sometimes we learn the most from each other.  Also, feel free to bring questions as many have tried various things and can give feedback.

May 28 Dr. David Baewer of Coppe Labs will be speaking to the group.  Stay tuned for a bio and the details of his talk.

Stay safe while gardening and enjoying the beauty of Wisconsin.  For more information on how to do that:

Please tuck your pants into your socks and wear light colored clothing. Perhaps choose 1 set for this purpose. Then go out and buy some Permetherin spray. You can find this at most outdoorsy types of shops like Gander Mountain. Spray your shoes, socks, and pants down and let try. This spray will hold for 6 weeks provided you wash the cloths by hand and hang dry. Also, wear a light colored shirt (preferably long sleeved) and gloves. Spray the gloves as well, making sure everything is dry before putting on. If you are underneath trees and vegetation, wear a hat that’s also been sprayed.

Should you find a tick, remove carefully without squeezing. Some are now recommending using an ether spray (like the kind you use on warts) on the tick and waiting until it falls off.   Excellent article on using Permethrin with details such as how long it lasts on your clothing under various conditions. You should not spray this on your skin – only your clothing.

***Also, please note that Susan Paskewitz, Professor and Researcher, Medical Entomology Laboratory, UW Madison, says they are finding ticks in open spaces now – meaning, places like soccer and football fields with short grass. This presents a risk for everyone but particularly children playing sports in open fields. Please share this information with your family and friends and educate anyone who will listen.

***Also, be careful when mowing or cutting down areas that contain ticks. Make sure to blow away from your house not toward it. I found ticks on my basement screens and crawling up my walls last summer due to a farmer unknowingly mowing a tick infested area toward our house.

Stay safe and try not to freak out. You are educated and know what to do. Knowledge is certainly power when it comes to ticks.