Lyme Center Opens

A new Lyme Center has opened at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston and offers free mental health counseling due to the generosity of Brandi and Chris Dean.  Dean, herself diagnosed with Lyme Disease, went through the many cognitive issues common to many and intimately experienced grief as a support group leader due to Lyme-driven suicides.

The Center will also support research including a pilot study to test whether a mild electrical current in the brain, now used for stroke and brain injured patients, might improve the many cognitive issues Lyme patients have.

The center has occupational therapists, infectious disease experts, mental health counselors, brain researchers and other professionals to treat patients whose illness persists despite antibiotic treatment.

The two specialists who direct the center are “pushing past the debate” of the schism of belief in the medical community because they’ve “encountered too many patients who simply need help.”

So far, health insurance companies have covered most services at Spaulding.