As an MSIDS sufferer, you will discover that treatment is a multi pronged effort with a need to build up the immune system as well as kill pathogens and to be able to eliminate them once they die.  There is a litany of things to consider when doing these three prongs of treatment and one of them is removing heavy metals from the body.  

Due to living in a civilized and industrial country, there are toxins all around us, many of which are in our ground water and air.  Some are placed into our bodies by well-meaning professionals, and one of these materials is mercury in dentistry.  

As with MSIDS treatment, there are few professionals who will even admit to a possible link with health and mercury so don’t be surprised if you can’t get through to your standard dentist on this one.  There are biological dentists out there who use composites made out of glass and resin – omitting all mercury.  Similarly to MSIDS doctors, you have to hunt for them.

The link above will allow you to view for a short time the documentary, Mercury Undercover.  If you would like a copy you can order one from for $19.95.

According to Mercola, the FDA and the ADA have hidden the fact that typical amalgams are composed of 50% of mercury.  There is currently a lawsuit against the FDA by dentists, scientists, and patients on this very subject.

It’s a bizarre and dark history when you discover that similarly to the CDC holding patents on infectious organisms which directly violates their role to protect public health, the ADA owns two patents on amalgams, numbers 4,018,600 and 4,078,921.  While currently expired, at the time when there was a mercury-free movement, the ADA did all it could to squash all dissent and included a “rule of conduct” that stopped dentists from even discussing mercury with patients.

Also, similar to MSIDS, which most of the world still believes is Lyme Disease, the labeling of amalgams as “silver” fillings is purposely deceptive because half of that is mercury.

It is true.  Words mean things.

Resources to Help You Find a Biological Dentist

The following organizations can help you to find a mercury-free, biological dentist:

A word of caution:  Since there are so many details with treatment it can really bog a person down, particularly if you are having cognitive issues, I want to caution you that this article is not intended to frighten you to the point you have no peace until you have all your amalgams replaced.  This step, along with hundreds of others are things to learn about, mull over, and eventually take action on.  It may take you 5-10 years to deal with it.  That’s OK.  Please, don’t allow information to take away your peace.  I know it’s tough in the beginning when you are learning at warp speed and you have a brain that doesn’t remember if you took your supplements an hour ago!  I also realize these are monetary decisions as well as informed ones.  Some of you have spouses who aren’t on the bandwagon yet.  There are complications on all fronts.  I get it.  I really do.  This, as well as many other topics, isn’t worth arguing about.  Let yourself off the hook.  Learn and put it on the back burner if you can’t handle it now.  And, I might add, this is true for nearly everything.  Focus on the majors and eventually you will get to the minors.  You are doing great.  Hang tough.  It is eventually going to get better.  🙂

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