Wisconsin Loses Another Dr.

This post is copied from the Wisconsin Lyme Network (www.WisconsinLyme.net) Dr. Waisbren

Dear Wisconsin Lyme Community,

With great sadness we inform you that Dr. Burton Waisbren {Milwaukee, WI.} has passed away. http://www.waisbrenclinic.com The services were held yesterday. I believe Dr. Waisbren was 89 years of age and treated patients right up until his passing. Dr. Waisbren was one of the founding fellows of the IDSA and treated Lyme patients with long-term antibiotics. He was certainly familiar with Lyme and co-infections and that they needed to be addressed properly.

It must be staggering to consider how many patient lives Dr. Waisbren touched over the years. It was our great pleasure in the Wisconsin Lyme community to know, socialize and be treated by such a compassionate and caring man as Dr. Waisbren. His service to his fellow man is incalculable.

May he rest in peace.


The Wisconsin Lyme Community