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Here’s a few words that came to me today when thinking about my fight against Chronic Lyme Disease.  I know that someday I shall overcome and as a loved one calls it, graduate to my next seminar.  ~Della Haugen


Years of unknowing

You hid from me beautifully

The damage created

Has now been discovered


*Waiting for my ending

Wondering if I’ll survive

You may have my body

But my soul will survive


I fight with you daily

You let go for awhile

Returning to remind me

That you could never say goodbye

Someday I’ll take control

And you won’t have a chance

My life has meaning

Even if I can’t dance

The tears for today

Will be long gone tomorrow for

I will have a new battle

And no longer will wallow


The doctors have found you

And a few know you well

They fight for all of us

But are still overwhelmed


Our spirit carries our will

And it will support us well

For we are the stories of Chronic Lyme Disease that we all know too well


We will find our way eventually to our healthy selves

You have no power over me

for now I know you too well.