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FREE Virtual Healing from Lyme Disease Summit

Rise Above Lyme – How to Overcome and Thrive

Join the virtual Healing from Lyme Disease Summit premiering on May 9th to 16th, 2023, as we learn from 40+ of the world’s leading experts in holistic and homeopathic medicine, advanced detox techniques, pain management, chronic illness prevention, and more.

This event is the ultimate guide to empowering and supporting patients suffering from Lyme Disease and other chronic tick-borne illnesses. Here you’ll find comprehensive guidance, support, and renewed hope so that you can overcome your illness and lead a fulfilling life.

Navigating the path to healing can often feel like driving with blindfolds on, but we’re here to provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to move forward. Our expert hosts, Dr. Tom Moorcroft and Dr. Darin Ingels, both former Lyme patients, have a combined experience of over 20 years in treating chronic tick-borne illnesses. They understand that every patient is unique, and their approach is centered around treating the whole person – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Join us from May 9 – 16, 2023, and we’ll cover everything you need to know about Lyme disease – from symptoms to treatments, and the latest research. We’ll explore the impact of tick-borne illnesses on the body and mind, and provide practical guidance on how to manage symptoms and optimize health. Your health and well-being are worth it!

The Shocking Truth About Lyme Disease

With approximately 476,000 new cases each year, Lyme disease is a growing concern that everyone should be aware of. Unfortunately, the actual number of cases may be much higher than reported due to underreporting and misdiagnosis.

Did you know that Lyme disease is transmitted to humans by the bite of an infected tick? It’s the most common vector-borne disease in the United States. That means Lyme is more prevalent than diseases transmitted by mosquitoes and fleas.

The symptoms of Lyme disease can vary from person to person, but it’s important to know what to look out for. The most common symptom is a bulls-eye rash, which appears at the site of the tick bite and expands over time. Other symptoms include fatigue, joint pain and swelling, muscle aches, fever, headaches, and neurological symptoms.

But here’s the kicker: Lyme disease is often misdiagnosed as other conditions, which means that the actual number of cases could be up to 10 times higher than reported. But that’s not all, there are estimated to be over 1.9 million cases of post-treatment Lyme Disease syndrome. That’s a staggering statistic that should make everyone sit up and take notice.

So what can you do to protect yourself from Lyme disease? The best way is to take preventative measures. But if you do have Lyme Disease then join this free summit to learn from the top experts exactly what to do to regain your well being and health.

Don’t let a statistic take over your journey – you too can overcome this illness and live a fulfilling life. Join us at the Healing from Lyme Disease Summit, today!

There’s always hope!

We know that living with chronic illness can feel like a never-ending battle. The pain, fatigue, and mental health challenges can leave you feeling hopeless and defeated. But the truth is, there is always hope. With the right tools and resources, you can manage your symptoms, heal, and even thrive.

The Healing from Lyme Disease Summit is all about hope. You will learn that there are countless reasons to be hopeful, from natural and homeopathic treatments to alternative medicine practices and advancements in science and technology. This is an opportunity to take control of your health and to learn that chronic illness is not a death sentence, but an opportunity to live a full and satisfying life.

Don’t believe us? Here are three reasons to have hope:

  1. Advancements in medical research: Ongoing research into new treatments and therapies for Lyme disease means there is always hope for improvement. This includes new medications, natural remedies, and alternative therapies that can help alleviate symptoms and improve overall quality of life.
  2. The power of community: The Lyme disease community is strong and supportive, with many people sharing their experiences, knowledge, and advice. Connecting with others who have gone through similar experiences can provide comfort, inspiration, and valuable information.
  3. Focus on self-care and lifestyle changes: Managing chronic illness is not just about medication and treatment. Self-care and lifestyle changes can have a significant impact on managing symptoms and improving overall well-being. This includes things like maintaining a healthy diet, getting regular exercise, reducing stress, and getting enough sleep.
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