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Dr. Sabine Hazan on the Alarming Damage Observed in GI Bacteria Post-Vaccination

“Their bifidobacteria dropped to like zero—from like a million to like zero…There was a persistence in the damage, not only 90 days but 6-9 months later.”

“First of all, there was no way I was going to publish this cuz nobody would have taken that so I decided to submit it to the American College of Gastro as a presentation, as a poster.” ~ Dr. Sabine Hazan, Gastroenterology specialist with over 31 years experience

Bifidobacteria is one of the major phyla and most abundant genera in the healthy intestinal tract of humans and is even more pronounced in infants, especially during lactation, when it constitutes a majority of the total bacterial population. One of the early pioneering colonizers of the early gut microbiota it plays important roles in the metabolism of dietary components otherwise indigestible in the upper intestine and in the maturation of the immune system.  It also interacts with human immune cells and modulates specific pathways involving innate and adaptive immune processes.  Source

Hazen speculates that the reason for the lack of bifidobacteria is due to the COVID injections creating bacteriophages or bifidophages.

She also discovered that this bacteria is completely missing in breast-feeding infants of mothers who got the gene therapy injections.

  • Hazen coauthored a paper that found that low bacterial diversity and depletion of Bifidobacterium genera either before or after infection led to reduced proimmune function, thereby allowing SARS-CoV-2 infection to become symptomatic. This particular dysbiosis pattern may be a susceptibility marker for symptomatic severity from SARS-CoV-2 infection and may be amenable to preinfection, intrainfection or postinfection intervention.
  • She also coauthored the book, “Let’s Talk SH!T: Disease Digestion & Fecal Transplants.”
  • In 2021 the NIH reconsidered ivermectin as a possible treatment for COVID due to the Ventura Clinical Trials, owned and operated by Hazan, which found ivermectin and HCQ were remarkably successful in treating COVID.
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