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‘He Wants To Deny The Reality Of What He Said, What He Did!’: Ron Johnson Rips Fauci On Senate Floor

Dec 8, 2021
Senator Johnson has to correct mainstream media’s smear campaign on what he said and what he didn’t say.  The spin-doctors are working hard to keep the spin going.
According to Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Fauci’s first instinct as national AIDS czar was to stoke contagion terror.  Further, a fearmongering 1983 article in the Journal of the American Medical Association warned that AIDS could spread by casual contact, when it was almost exclusive to IV drug users and homosexuals.  The world’s leading expert was “astounded” at Fauci’s “stupidity” as his statements did not reflect scientific knowledge.
A year later, Fauci had to acknowledge that health officials had never detected a case of the disease spread through “casual contact.”

The truth never stood in the way of a good money-maker, and Fauci’s been at it ever since – fearmongering, controlling, and claiming to embody science itself.

The Wall Street Journal won a Pulitzer Prize for its investigation of a deliberate HHS scheme to misrepresent AIDS as a general pandemic to secure greater public funding and financial support.
Sound familiar?
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JUST IN: Senate Passes Resolution To Nullify President Biden’s Vaccine Mandate

Dec. 8, 2021

Wednesday evening, the Senate passed a resolution to nullify President Biden’s vaccine mandate, as Sens. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and Jon Tester (D-Mont.) voted with their Republican colleagues against Biden’s measure.  The vote came one day after a U.S. District Judge for the Southern District of Georgia, issued a 28-page ruling suspending the mandate nationwide.

At the press conference, Sen. John Hoeven (R-N.D.), who sponsored the CRA said:

“We’re gonna pass this Congressional Review Act on a bipartisan basis in the Senate sending a very clear message, a very clear message, that this is an overreach by the Biden administration and we need to stop it. And I think in the House, there’s a very good chance that they will get enough people to sign on to this CRA to actually force a vote.

“Now, we understand that when that goes to the administration the president may well veto it, but we’ve sent a very clear bipartisan message on behalf of the people that this mandate needs to be stopped.”

Go here for a good explanation.

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Biden’s Vax Mandate BLOCKED In The Senate, Pfizer CEO Says FOURTH Booster May Be Needed Amid Omicron

Dec. 9, 2021

Ryan Grim and Emily Jashinsky discuss Republican’s invocation of the Congressional Review Act to halt President Biden’s federal “vaccine” mandate.

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