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Updated: July 14 2021

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In this episode, you will learn about how to resolve chronic viruses through immune modulation.

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About My Guest

My guest for this episode is Dr. Frank Shallenberger.  Frank Shallenberger, MD has been practicing medicine since 1973 and has been a pioneer in alternative and integrative medicine since 1978.  He is one of only 16 physicians in Nevada that are licensed both in conventional medicine as well as alternative and homeopathic medicine; allowing him to integrate the best of both approaches for optimal results.  Dr. Shallenberger has revolutionized the practice of anti-aging and preventive medicine by developing a method to measure mitochondrial function and oxygen utilization.  He has written two popular books describing this method: “The Type 2 Diabetes Breakthrough” and “Bursting With Energy” and has authored numerous papers in the international peer reviewed literature on ozone therapy and oxygen utilization.  He is also the editor of Second Opinion alternative medical newsletter.  He is the developer of Prolozone®, an injection technique that has been shown to regenerate damaged joints, herniated discs, and degenerated joints, tendons, and soft tissues.  He published the first paper on Prolozone Therapy in the Journal of Prolotherapy entitled “Prolozone – Regenerating Joints and Eliminating Pain”.

Key Takeaways

  • What is a virus? Do they contribute to disease?
  • Should the focus be on killing or on immune modulation?
  • Can some viruses be health-promoting?
  • Can antivirals be helpful in dealing with chronic viruses?
  • What is the role of Th1 and Th2 in response to chronic viruses?
  • What are some of the factors that lead to Th2 dominance?
  • Where do antibodies come into the discussion? Are high IgG levels relevant?
  • How do “factories” and “missiles” help to explain the situation with chronic viruses?
  • How big of a foe is EBV?
  • Does the body itself produce ozone?
  • Can ozone help to address both the “factories” and the “missiles”?
  • What are some top “missile defense” tools?
  • How might NK cells be stimulated in shifting the system towards Th1?
  • How might medicinal mushrooms be helpful?
  • Can melatonin be immune-modulating?
  • How might hydrocortisone be helpful in addressing chronic viruses?
  • Is it important to address parasites before downregulating Th2 response?
  • How might immune tolerance tools like LDI be helpful in balancing the immune response?
  • In chronic illness, would more ozone passes be less often or less passes more often be more effective?

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