Educators’ resource

CanLyme is excited to announce the launch of our resource for educators who teach in the outdoor classroom. Whether you are new to outdoor education or a seasoned wilderness guide, this teaching resource provides information through engaging learning experiences. Students can learn how to identify ticks and tick habitats so that they can avoid tick bites and recognize signs and symptoms of Lyme disease.

Virtual focus groups – call for educators

Download the Educator Resource and accompanying slidedeck…we would love to get your feedback! 

We are seeking educators who are willing to pilot and provide feedback through two virtual focus groups. This feedback will be incorporated into the second draft that is scheduled for release in winter 2021. We are offering a stipend to educators who participate in both virtual focus groups. 

Please email if you are interested able to commit to participating in the two focus groups in January and February. Email us for more details.

Lyme Education Awareness and Prevention (LEAP). Educator’s resource:

Downloadable Slide deck Zip File: Leap-Master-Slide-Deck-2020

For more information:

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