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Taking on Ticks: Some Lyme disease symptoms can be mistaken for COVID-19

Fever, chills, shortness of breath, fatigue, muscle aches, body aches, headaches, nausea, vomiting — sounds like the symptoms of COVID. But actually, it’s Lyme disease.

And this year is expected to be an exceptionally bad year for ticks. In fact, because more people are spending time outdoors and in the wilderness, due to the pandemic, experts fear more people will come down with Lyme disease. (See link for article)



The article discusses Olivia Goodreau’s story. Barely able to walk, she saw 51 doctors before she was diagnosed.  She also never saw the tick or the rash, and ONE tick bite caused  5 other diseases.

Mainstream medicine STILL hasn’t embraced these facts that are more common than not.

Key quote:  

“You have migratory muscle pain or migratory nerve pain, tingling, numbness, burning, stabbing. That is the hallmark of Lyme,” said Dr. Richard Horowitz, a board-certified internist at Hudson Valley Healing Arts Center.

Despite increasing stories like this one and worse, hit pieces continue to pour forth denying the severity of the disease and maligning doctors who take a different approach:

Do not kid yourself.  There is a political war that’s been going on for over 40 years regarding Lyme/MSIDS.  These public health ‘authorities’ are increasingly coming underwire for conflicts of interest and actual scientific fraud.  They are squirming in their seats.  I was not surprised to see the recent article that again regurgitated the 5 cases of IV antibiotic treatment for Lyme, published in the MMWR, that had poor outcomes. The CDC has a long and sordid history of maligning anything that competes with their lucrative interests:  .

Regarding the 5 cases which were cherry-picked, it was discovered that one of the authors, a CDC epidemiologist, allegedly solicited IDSA doctors for evidence of harm from IV antibiotic treatments, essentially bribing them by offering co-authorship of the report if anecdotes were used. No such solicitation was made for IV treatment success stories – showing complete bias.  There has been hot debate on Lyme treatments for decades. The MMWR paper is only one example of bias which is embedded within the CDC. There are many success stories using IV therapy by a Wisconsin Doctor and IDSA founder who disagreed with his colleagues on how to treat Lyme disease.

The article then drags Dr. Sponaugle through the mud, insinuating that he caused a recent death of a patient because he was “previously flagged for Lyme disease-related malpractice in 2014.”

Again, I write about this common crucifixion of Lyme literate doctors here:

What you must understand is the CDC is a bully and can not and will not have opposition, so they do all in their power to dictate clearly to other doctors the accepted narrative by their draconian “guidelines” and making examples out of those who dare to draw outside the lines (investigations, hefty fines, medical license expulsion and loss of revenue and reputation).  These are not idle threats and have been used over and over worldwide.

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