Spanish Doctor Explains COVID Reality

Spanish doctor reveals the reality around the truly massive media madness going on at the moment. The TV reporter is thrown into confusion and keeps relentlessly pressing him. Then an angry studio journalist is brought in to sort him out – the Spanish doc ain’t having it and is solid as a rock. (subtitled)

The doctor also makes the wise observation that what needs to be vaccinated against is FEAR.  When the reporter continues beating the drum by needing to ‘insist that on average in Spain, 1,000 are testing positive per day,’ the doctor wisely states that Helicobacter pylori is present in 50% of the population and is classified by the WHO as a type-1 carcinogenic, therefore 50% of the population is at risk for stomach cancer.  Should we be afraid of that?

You gotta love this guy.  FACTS inoculates against FEAR.

He states it would have been nice if the media had talked about the overcrowding hospitals in the Spring when the problem actually occurred, because they were forced to put patients in hotels.  He states the media is falsely bringing it up now when there is no such problem.  He also states he does not expect to see another wave.

Interestingly, the reporter ends by saying, “Well, we’ll leave it there.  I think everyone had a chance to give their opinion.”

You see, this is EXACTLY what is wrong. We don’t need opinions.  We need facts.  The doctor is the authority here.  This is HIS subject matter. The angry studio journalist is biased and not doing his job – which should be reporting the facts from those that are experts in the subject matter.

Italian Doctor Gives Harrowing Admissions and Facts on COVID Testing and Vaccine

Italian doctor (Dr. Roberto Petrella) gives harrowing admissions and facts on COVID testing and the vaccine:  (Approx. 4 Min.)

“I will prefer death, absolutely not vaccination.”  Dr. Tommy John

According to Dr. Andre A, the PCR test equates C8 (which is present in ALL human DNA) as a foreign hostile material.  A vaccine based upon this would result in physical impairment and even death: