This lengthy (nearly 2 hours) documentary exposes a racketeering scheme and the fact a group selling stem cell treatments were selling a dead product. It was found through testing that stem cells do not survive the sterilization process.  In this film they discuss treatments derived from the birthing process (amniotic fluid, tissue, cells, cord blood – retrieved after delivery and packaged as ‘regenerative medicine.’)

The natural medicine industry is seduced by ex-cons, adulterated by fake docuseries, and physicians exaggerate their credentials and hurt their patients all in an effort to make money before the FDA can catch up with them. This film is rated PG-13 by the MPA.

To see documentary:

Please share.  Lyme/MSIDS patients are particularly vulnerable we are so desperate.  Make sure you find physicians with an honorable history. Talk to other patients and do your homework.  Don’t make hasty decisions and always remember – not everyone is honest.

Also, regarding supplements and adjunctive therapies – make sure your doctor or professional you trust backs them up.  My doctor sells supplements (nearly at cost) that he has personally visited the labs and checked efficacy.

This documentary is only free for a few days but then the word is it will be on Netflix.