Misdiagnosis, censorship, and contact tracing

Dr. Pam Popper

The video touches upon:

  1. Authorities hypothesized a young Australian man got infected with COVID from a nurse who was 400K away.  When an autopsy showed he was NOT infected with COVID the family demanded an apology for causing fear and chaos.  **Update** https://madisonarealymesupportgroup.com/2020/06/10/infectivity-of-asymptomatic-sars-cov-2-carriers-is-weak/
  2. Popper points out we will probably never know the actual counts due to the mishandling of death certificates.  Sweden might be the only country with accurate data as they are carefully looking at each case.
  3. There is vast censorship on vaccines and COVID. On May 28 President Trump passed an executive order to stop this.
  4. At 11:15 she mentions that a lawyer appeared on a TV show announcing the government could enforce mandatory vaccines.  This same lawyer then was interviewed by Del Big Tree.  Big Tree pointed out that volunteered in the vaccine trials excluded those who are obese, diabetic, have cardiovascular disease, have respiratory disorders, etc. The lawyer said he learned a lot from that interview and is still learning.  Popper believes he will reconsider his stance because he’s highly principled.
  5. At 16:00 she discusses ‘contact tracing.’  Once a person tests positive (the tests are wrong over half the time), they are then called by a tracer and is told to isolate, even away from pets, for a minimum of 10 days unto 14 days. Video conferencing is used to confirm there is a place in the house to isolate.  The tracer contacts social services and the children are taken if there is no one to care for them and groceries are delivered. Then the person who tested “positive” is quizzed as to who they have been in contact with. They look at the person’s cell-phone to find this out.  Then, ALL of those exposed people are also required to quarantine even if they are healthy.  You can be quarantined again and again and again.  Popper found out that they are turning names, addresses, and phone numbers of those who test positive to law enforcement. Governments are now violating patient privacy. Tools for ‘contact tracing’ includes GPS. In India you can’t go anywhere without an app on your phone.
  6. Popper is asking for really good lawyers who are willing to join her and file law-suits against these sorts of actions.  Contact her at pampopper@msn.com.
  7. BTW: Wisconsin governor Evers has announced $1 billion for COVID testing and contact tracing.  He states are essential to Wisconsin’s efforts to contain the spread of the virus, the state has allocated approximately $260 million for testing efforts and $75 million for contact tracing. https://www.news8000.com/gov-evers-announces-1-billion-for-covid-19-testing-contact-tracing/  Keep in mind that while unfortunate, as of today, only 649 people have died due to COVID in WI, yet authorities want to take everyone else’s freedoms away.  Also keep in mind that testing is right half the time yet is the gold-standard for all current policy decisions:  https://madisonarealymesupportgroup.com/2020/05/29/antibody-tests-for-covid-19-wrong-up-to-half-the-time-cdc-says/
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