Doing Ozone at Home
Facebook Live
6PM Eastern Time, Friday

Are you wanting to learn more about doing ozone at home?

We are putting together a Facebook live video to help teach the nuances of doing ozone therapy at home.

It will be a live, interactive video where you can ask questions and participate.

  • Learn the best ways to do ozone at home
  • Ask questions and get a live response
  • Discover helpful nuances

Wishing you good health, 
Micah Lowe – The Ozonaut



This will be at 4 p.m. for those in Wisconsin.

For more:

I’ve used ozonated olive oil to help heal after MOHS surgery for skin cancer:  (Scroll down to the picture in the video of the gaping hole under my eye.  I was told I would need 2 cosmetic surgeries.  I attribute the healing to the surgery which removed the cancer and the ozonated olive oil with a speedy recovery which made it possible to not need further surgery)