Free Masterclass on Tuesday Feb 18th at 4pm EST where Greg Lee will present Lyme disease case studies!

Click here to register for the Tuesday February 18th 4pm EST Masterclass II:

He’ll be covering the microparticle essential oils, treatments, and other remedies that helped debilitated patients overcome stubborn Lyme inflammatory and toxic pain symptoms, calm anxiety, and replenish vital energy.

He’s creating this as a part of a training course for medical providers who want to get faster results in their Lyme patient’s pain, fatigue, and brain fog.

The Essential Oil Masterclass II Lyme Case Studies is free, of course.

Just to be clear…

This isn’t a webinar…

And not a typical Facebook Live…

And it’s not a boring ‘lecture.’



P.S. If you missed the first masterclass, you can see the replay by clicking here too: