Liposomal Essential Oil Remedies: A Breakthrough in Natural Lyme Treatment

Over the past 12 years of treating many hundreds of cases of Lyme and Lyme-like illness, I have often wished for something even stronger than the sophisticated herbal decoctions, tinctures and supplement combinations that I used to treat the multi-layered microbial infections and toxins that my patients suffer from.

Through the encouragement of new ground-breaking research from John’s Hopkins University, liposomal expert Greg Lee, and patients who desperately wanted to get better without more pharmaceuticals, I began to design and prescribe custom liposomal essential oil remedies for nearly all of my patients with chronic inflammation, Lyme, parasites, yeast, mold illness and the like.

Then I held my breath and awaited the results…

What I discovered was the following:

Simply put, more often than not the addition of the liposomal EO remedy to the treatment plan led to a breakthrough.  Often this manifested as a significant reduction or disappearance of one or more of their top symptoms – everything from severe headaches to bleeding colitis to a disabling neuropathy of the feet.

As a result of witnessing impressive clinical results, these remedies have become an essential component of treatment plans that successfully and efficiently treat complex infections and inflammatory illness.

What are Liposomal Essential Oil Remedies?

A liposome is a round liquid-filled bubble that has at least 1 fatty double-layer membrane.  It can be used to deliver herbals, nutrients or pharmaceuticals into the body. Because the liposome is composed similarly to cell membranes, the body’s cells perceive liposomes as friendly which makes for easier absorption into the bloodstream and into the cells where toxins and infection wreak havoc.

In addition, the liposome protects what’s on the inside from break down or degradation by enzymes and acids in the digestive tract.

Essential oils are highly concentrated extracts from certain fruits, flowers, woods, resins, and leaves.  They are generally very safe and non-toxic when used in appropriate dosages. Essential oils are produced by the plant to protect it and attract pollinators.  Compounds such as terpenes, phenols, aldehydes, ketones and esters are some of the constituents of essential oils that are potent antimicrobials and neutralizers of toxicity and inflammation.

A liposomal EO remedy is a safe, well-tolerated way to receive the medicinal benefits of organic essential oils and to target inflammation, infection and toxicity in hard to reach places such as the collagen, blood cells, joints, central nervous system, and inside biofilms.

Liposomal essential oil remedies are perhaps the most effective natural way to reduce the load of bacteria, parasites, viruses, mycotoxin and fungi that plague the chronically ill body.

Where Can I Get Some?

Liposomal EO remedies are a new innovation in holistic Lyme treatment.  Our clinic is among the first to produce and utilize them clinically. We make custom formulations for our patients and also have expert-designed formulations that are available for ordering from our online shop.

Rapid Recovery – for acute tick-borne infection up to 4 months

Lasting Recovery – for chronic Lyme-borreliosis and Bartonella infection

Para-dice – for worms, flukes, helminths + bacterial in egg and larval stages

Toxin Neutralizer – to reduce mycotoxin load

Defungify – for fungal and yeast overgrowth

Gu-Bye – biofilm dissolver

Vi-Rid – for acute or chronic Herpes and viral infection

Bab-Boo – effective against Babesia infection

Living Waters – cleanses and decongests the lymph

What’s the dose and how do I take it?

We recommend starting at 1 tablespoon / 2x / day for 1 week.  Week 2 increase to 2 tablespoons / 2x / day. Week 3 increase to 3 tablespoons / 2x / day, and week 4 increase to 4 tablespoons / 2x / day.  Some people find increased effectiveness with a higher dose, but in general the average adult dose is 4 tablespoons / 2x / day.

Liposomal EO remedies may be taken up to 15 minutes before or at least 30 minutes following food.  They may be taken with other herbal and nutritional supplements and teas.

If the taste is too strong to be tolerable, add the dose to some almond milk, smoothie, or other fatty beverage.

Please keep in mind that nothing is a panacea, and we can make no guarantees about results.  In our clinic we always recommend the liposomal EO remedies as part of a larger treatment plan that includes detoxification, gut restoration, immune system repair and more depending on the individual presentation.  

That being said, based on my clinical experience I highly recommend using the liposomal EO remedies to support an effective, efficient recovery from chronic Lyme and Lyme-like diseases.

Do you have questions or a liposomal EO success story?  Please share your thoughts, concerns and experiences below!


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