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Live Webinar: The A -to- Guide to Lyme Treatments With Dr. Bill Rawls

Wed. Sept. 18th 8pm EDT

Chronic Lyme disease is often lumped in the “mystery illness” category because it’s so challenging to diagnose and treat. In fact, there are dozens of conventional and alternative Lyme remedies available — and tons of debate about which ones work best and whether the costs and side effects are worth it.

So once you know or suspect you have Lyme disease, how do you determine which treatment options will deliver the best results, safely, and without costing a small fortune?

Join a live webinar with best-selling author Dr. Bill Rawls, who knows firsthand what it’s like to struggle to find a cure for Lyme disease, as he reviews and rates more than 26 different chronic Lyme treatments, both mainstream and uncommon.

You’ll learn which remedies to try and trust, which are best avoided, and how to make the right decisions for your health any time you’re considering a new treatment regimen.

PLUS: Don’t miss an exclusive gift for those who attend the live webinar, and have your questions ready for a LIVE Q&A on chronic Lyme treatments with Dr. Rawls.

In this webinar, Dr. Rawls will also discuss:

  • The effectiveness of medical treatments such as antibiotics, hyperthermia, stem cell therapy, and UV light blood irradiation
  • Bee venom therapy, CBD oil, ozone and rife therapy, and other alternative remedies for Lyme disease
  • Whether lifestyle habits like a ketogenic diet, rebounding, qigong, and yoga can offer significant relief
  • Dr. Rawls’ grades for 26+ different treatment options based on their efficacy, safety, and cost, plus how to apply these three key criteria in your life
  • Numerous insights during the live Q&A with Dr. Rawls