**Warning – explicit language in each video**

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Joe Rogan on the Morgellons & Lyme Disease Connection

“Everyone who has Morgellons also has Lyme disease.”

Rogan explains how a tick is full of pathogens – Lyme is only one of many.

There’s discussion on Bells Palsy and some doctors state to just wait until it goes away.  I would caution this approach as this is often a Lyme disease symptom. While symptoms wax and wane with Lyme disease, just because the symptom disappears does not mean you are not still infected systemically. Waxing and waning symptoms is hallmark of Lyme disease. You need to see a Lyme literate doctor who understands these things. (Contact your local support group to find these specially trained doctors) In this article, Dr. Cameron warns against using steroids for facial palsy due to this practice causing refractory disease in Lyme/MSIDS patients:  http://danielcameronmd.com/steroid-use-can-lead-long-term-treatment-failure-lyme-disease-patients/

 Approx. 10 Min.

Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1234 w/David Sinclair

Joe Rogan: “Lyme disease is terrifying”

Approx. 15 Min.

Joe Rogan Experience podcast #873 with Steven Kotler

Around 5:00 he talks about Morgellons as well.

For More on Morgellons:  https://madisonarealymesupportgroup.com/2019/05/19/skin-deep-the-battle-over-morgellons/