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DR. DANIEL G. AMEN, MD on The Brain Warrior's Way Podcast


Dr. Amen is a NY Times best-selling author, double board-certified psychiatrist and brain-imaging pioneer. He is watched by millions of viewers on his breakthrough public television programs about brain health. His research was listed as one of the top 100 stories in science in 2015 by Discover Magazine.

TANA AMEN, BSN RN on The Brain Warrior's Way Podcast


Tana is VP of Amen Clinics, a highly-respected health and fitness expert, nurse and author of six books, including the NY Times bestseller The Omni Diet. Tana’s fresh approach and energetic presence have made her a nationally renowned speaker. As an in-demand media guest, she has appeared on TV shows including, The Doctors, The Today Show and Good Day New York.


The experience of parenting a child with a disability such as autism or cerebral palsy is vastly different than the usual parenting experience. There’s often grief, guilt, and shame, and even feelings of underperforming or letting your child down. In the second episode of a series on caregiving, Dr. Daniel Amen and Tana Amen give you tips to change your way of thinking to enable you to help guide and care for your child in a more productive way.