The following video by Dr. Jay Davidson is quite timely.  When it starts getting darker and colder with the wind howling & blowing leaves everywhere, watching the Harry Potter series is a fall rite of passage in our home.  After finishing Order of the Phoenix, I was struck by how mainstream media lacks any sort of credibility and is actually quite similar to The Daily Prophet in Harry Potter.

If my old journalism professors are still alive, I wonder what they are thinking.  They gave us a daily diatribe on the importance of only presenting the facts and letting the reader decide what to think.  Now, news stories are little more than opinion pieces with exaggerated and biased “facts.”  It is rare to read a story which presents both sides of an argument.  You definitely get the feeling you are being sold something.

And you are.

The following video hits on numerous topics, some health related, some not, but is an important exercise in considering “facts.”  If you find yourself adverse to listening to different viewpoints, stop and reflect on why.  The saddest thing I’ve observed is the growing inability to listen to differing viewpoints.  In the end we may believe differently, but we should never lose our ability to listen with respect and debate ideas.

P.s. If you are extremely sick and irritable, you probably want to bypass this story!  There will be a time to watch this but if you are filled up with pathogens affecting your ability to process ideas, now is NOT the time.  Heaven forbid I make you more irritable than you already are!  Been there, done that.  Deep breath and smell the roses.  Rainbow ponies…..rainbow ponies….

 Approx 1 hour

In today’s podcast, I break down my definition of drinking mainstream media’s Kool-Aid–not just in the health and wellness space, but across the board. I truly believe there is an awakening happening, where we’re ready to question everything we’ve been told we “should do”: supplements, diet, college and career path, exercise, buying a home, our banking system, health insurance, gluten, sunscreen, and so much more.


9:30: Hurricane Media Coverage Fact Check:

11:29: Hurricane Clip:

12:58: Behind-the-scenes History of Weather Modification:

14:25: What is Thermite?:

20:45: Mammograms vs. Thermograms and Female Health

22:05: Fish oil, Probiotics, and Vitamin D?

24:30: Time to Question Things!

27:46: Google and Apple Don’t Require College Degree:

28:32 Keto, Paleo, Raw Vegan? Low-Carb Research:

30:30: Is There a Perfect Diet?

31:20: Can You Exercise Too Much?:

34:00: Housing Market Slows Down:

35:11: Housing Market Slows Down:

36:49: Silicon Valley Could Be Invading Your Privacy:

37:16: Social Media Censorship

38:28: Retirement: Being Put Out to Pasture?

39:20: Fractional-Reserve Banking:

41:28: Creature from Jekyll Island Book: Federal Reserve:

45:09: Currency Crises

45:25: Is This Time Different for the Dollar? Fiat Currency:

48:30: Vaccines, Childhood Cancer, Allergies, Baby Wellness

49:31: Debt-Based System

50:00: Global Financial System Unraveling:

51:58: Warren Buffett Insurance Scandal:

52:20: Buffett Sells Family Silver:

53:12: Monsanto Lawsuit:

53:36: Monsanto Trial:

54:46: Pesticide Linked to Autism:

54:36: Maternal Insecticide and Autism:

56:04: Flesh-Eating Bacteria?

57:56: Figure Out What’s Going to Make You Happy

59:05: Is Health Insurance Necessary? Is gluten is toxic?

1:00:56: Fixing Injuries (Energy Medicine, Prolotherapy, PRP, Stem Cell)

1:02:06: 1/5 of meat samples contain unidentified animal DNA:

1:02:49: Ancient Romans and Parasites:

1:03:22: Parasites/Hookworms from a Church Trip:

1:04:01: A Parasite with “High” Side Effects:

1:04:44: New Neuron Discovery in Human Brain:


Books Mentioned

Creature from Jekyll Island Book: Federal Reserve:

Economic Hitman book  &

Health Insurances

Liberty –

Medi-share –

Samaritan ministries –


What are your thoughts: Are we brainwashed by mainstream media? Is this content too “out there” for you, or do you agree that we need to start questioning everything we’ve been told (from our healthcare, to our diet, finances, banking systems, and more). Let me know in the comments–I’d really love to hear from you on this. I always strive to make content you’re interested in!

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