American Lyme Disease Foundation propagating the racketeering scheme

Carl Tuttle
Hudson, NH

JUN 28, 2018 — The “American Lyme Disease Foundation” (ALDF) is not a patient advocacy organization; it is the Enterprise responsible for propagating the racketeering scheme identified in the SHRADER & ASSOCIATES, LLP RICO lawsuit.

LYMEPOLICYWONK: The bogus grassroots of the American Lyme Disease Foundation

Phillip J. Baker is the Executive Director of American Lyme Disease Foundation and four of the seven defendants named in the RICO lawsuit are also on the ALDF Board of Directors:





Baker has found a safe haven in the American Journal of Medicine for publishing his propaganda to support the racketeering scheme as the Editor-in-Chief has had a history of editorial censorship of the truth.
Baker’s latest commentary is a continuation of what we have seen for the past thirty years which as we all know is highly supported by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.

Letter to the Editorial Board of the American Journal of Medicine: (Forwarded to the Tick Borne Disease Working Group)

——— Original Message ———-
From: Carl Tuttle
Cc:, J Grochowski , cope assistant , INFO@WEILFOUNDATION.ORG,
Date: June 27, 2018 at 9:51 AM
Subject: Straight Talk About Chronic Lyme Disease

June 2018 Volume 131, Issue 6, Pages 592–594
Straight Talk About Chronic Lyme Disease
By: Phillip J. Baker

To the Editorial Board of The American Journal of Medicine, (Not Editor-in-Chief)

In reference to Baker’s commentary in the American Journal of Medicine, a racketeering lawsuit has been filed in Texas District Court over the mishandling of Lyme disease here in the United States. Philip Baker has played a pivotal role in supporting this alleged racketeering scheme as he echoes Wormser’s viewpoint that those who continue to experience symptoms after treatment of Lyme disease are experiencing the “aches and pains of daily living.’

Court document:

A recent pilot study found twelve patients culture positive for infection (genital secretions, skin and blood) even after multiple years on antibiotics so there was no relief from current antimicrobials. Some of these patients had taken as many as eleven different types of antibiotics

Persistent Borrelia Infection in Patients with Ongoing Symptoms of Lyme Disease

As you all should know, untreated strep throat progresses to rheumatic fever causing irreversible heart damage. What happens to the Lyme patient who went months, years or decades before diagnosis? (Deer in the headlight response here?)

Lyme disease is capable of producing sudden death with no warning signs; [1,2,3] heart damage requiring transplant, [4] paralysis with seizures, [5] lymphoma [6] and persistent infection after antibiotic treatment [7,8,9,10,11] along with congenital transmission [12] and ability to create wheelchair bound patients [13] yet there are no Public Service Announcements informing the public that you could become horribly disabled or die from Lyme disease.

“Spirochetes disseminate to the lymph nodes, bone marrow, spleen and brain within a week of infection [A]. Lymph node germinal centers, where B cells are supposed to mature and be assigned an immune system function, are rendered incompetent [B]”

A. Lymphoadenopathy during Lyme Borreliosis Is Caused by Spirochete Migration-Induced Specific B Cell Activation

B. Suppression of Long-Lived Humoral Immunity Following Borrelia burgdorferi Infection*

*Immune suppression allows latent viruses to rear their ugly heads (Epstein Barr, herpes etc.)

A worldwide community of physicians has been influenced by the ongoing disinformation campaign (racketeering scheme) aimed at promoting the idea that Lyme is little more than a nuisance disease (Aches and pains of daily living) as health agencies across the globe are blindly following what has been deceitfully established here in the U.S.

We are dealing with a life-altering/life-threatening infection with faulty/misleading antibody tests, inadequate treatment, no medical training and absolutely no disease control.

A plague denied; essentially classifying this disease as a low-risk and non-urgent health risk.

Lyme disease is spreading across the globe through migratory birds with no continental boundaries destroying lives, ending careers, causing death and disability while leaving victims in financial ruin.

Through an elaborate racketeering scheme the disease has been downplayed because it became “too expensive to treat” as outlined in the SHRADER & ASSOCIATES, LLP court document.

Philp Baker has found a safe haven for publishing his propaganda in The American Journal of Medicine as Joseph Alpert, Editor-in-Chief has had a history of editorial censorship of the truth (Collusion to Control the Narrative) as experienced in previous attempts to correct the disinformation through letters to the editor which were outright rejected.


1. Letter to the editor of The American Journal of Medicine

2. AJM Rejection letter 17-1770

3. Collusion to Control the Narrative

Persistent Lyme disease has been intentionally/deceitfully suppressed for decades as described in the following letter to former CDC Director Brenda Fitzgerald, MD:

The dishonest science here in the U.S. has denied chronic Lyme which stifled needed research to find a curative approach. Now the rest of the world is suffering. Lyme disease belongs in the same health threat category as AIDS.

At what point do we acknowledge that Lyme with its life-altering/life-threatening consequences belongs in the same health threat category as AIDS, Zika, Ebola etc.?

Lyme must be upgraded to HIGHEST ALERT and the truth regarding Lyme’s life-altering/life-threatening consequences must be broadcasted through Public Service Announcements. This injustice to humanity should no longer be swept under the rug.

It should be recognized that Lyme requires a Manhattan Project to understand how it disables its victim while capable of surviving current antimicrobial treatment.

Lyme Disease: Call for a “Manhattan Project” to Combat the Epidemic
Raphael B. Stricker, Lorraine Johnson

Published: January 02, 2014DOI: 10.1371/journal.ppat.100379

The American Journal of Medicine continues to promote commentaries supporting the defendants identified in the racketeering scheme which is a disgrace to the medical and scientific communities.

Carl Tuttle
Lyme Endemic Hudson, NH

Cc: Daniel R. Dutko, HANSZEN LAPORTE
Jane Grochowski, Publisher
Committee on Publication Ethics
James Dalen, MD, MPH executive director of the Weil Foundation and Associate Editor of the American Journal of Medicine

References: (Please read them!)

1. Cardiac Tropism of Borrelia burgdorferi: An Autopsy Study of Sudden Cardiac Death Associated with Lyme Carditis. (March 2016)


“Fatal Lyme carditis caused by the spirochete Borrelia burgdorferi rarely is identified. Here, we describe the pathologic, immunohistochemical, and molecular findings of five case patients.”

2. CDC Case Study #1: Three Sudden Cardiac Deaths Associated with Lyme Carditis:

3. CDC Case Study #2: A case report of a 17-year old male with fatal Lyme carditis

4. Professor Neil Spector: Duke physician uses near-death experience to encourage patient self-advocacy

Dr Neil Spector from Duke University required a heart transplant after his Lyme disease went undiagnosed for four years.

5. Nashua Mom in the ‘Lyme Light’ on Katie Couric Show

Fifth-grade teacher Kelly Downing was paralyzed from the neck down and interviewed by Katie Couric.

6. Infection by Borrelia burgdorferi and cutaneous B-cell lymphoma (Cancer)

Specific DNA sequences of Borrelia burgdorferi were identified in cutaneous lesions from 9 patients (follicle center lymphoma: 3/20; immunocytoma: 3/4; marginal zone B-cell lymphoma: 2/20; diffuse large B-cell lymphoma: 1/6).

7. Application of Nanotrap technology for high sensitivity measurement of urinary outer surface protein A carboxyl-terminus domain in early stage Lyme borreliosis.

41 of 100 patients under surveillance for persistent LB in an endemic area were positive for urinary OspA protein after antibiotic treatment.

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Rudenko and colleagues reported culture confirmation of chronic Lyme disease in 24 patients in North Carolina, Florida, and Georgia. All had undergone previous antibiotic treatment.

9. DNA sequencing diagnosis of off-season spirochetemia with low bacterial density in Borrelia burgdorferi and Borrelia miyamotoi infections.

Faulty/misleading antibody tests landed a sixteen year old male in a psychiatric ward when his lab results did not meet the CDC’s strict criteria for positive results. His Western blot had only four of the required five IgG bands. Subsequent DNA sequencing identified a spirochetemia in this patient’s blood so his psychiatric issues were a result of neurologic Lyme disease misdiagnosed by antiquated/misleading serology. This patient was previously treated with antibiotics.

10. Granulomatous hepatitis associated with chronic Borrelia burgdorferi infection: a case report
The patient had active, systemic Borrelia burgdorferi infection and consequent Lyme hepatitis, despite antibiotic therapy.

11. Scotty Shelton and Persistent Infection in Saginaw MN

“Scotty’s brain (cerebral cortex) was positive for Borrelia burgdorferi and Borrelia myamotoi, his testicle is positive for Bb. We are now testing other tissues. Seven years of antibiotics and 3.5 years of natural treatments (along with antibiotics) and he was highly highly positive.”

12. Congenital Transmission of Lyme/TBD

13. Wheelchair-Bound Girl Calls Blessing By Pope Francis ‘Most Precious Moment Of My Life’
NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A 12-year-old girl who has been confined to a wheelchair since being diagnosed with Lyme disease said meeting Pope Francis as he arrived in New York Thursday was “the most precious moment of my life.”