Live-tweets from ILADS

Here’s a running list of what Lonnie Marcum tweeted the first day, Nov. 10. Stay tuned for tweets from Day 2 and 3.

Interesting posts:

  • No test for many emerging species of Borrelia. #LymeDisease doesn’t fulfill Koch Postulates so adds to controversy.
  • Big problem with test for #LymeDisease is that it DOES NOT detect species commonly found in Europe, Australia & other countries
  • “the lexicon of Lyme is very confusing for scientists” How do you define a disease so frequently accompanied by coinfections?
  • what we really need is a comprehensive approach that encompasses the complex inflammatory neuro & psych aspects of #LymeDisease
  • looking at PET scans to determine why some patients remain sick. Has shown that brain improves w/ repeat antibiotics. #ILADS2017
  • First time that all #LymeDisease symptoms are on record at the United Nations. Supported by Peer Reviewed Literature. You can cite this report -> …
  • HBOT useful for encephalitis patient (low pressure—1.5-1.7 atmosphere x 8-10 sessions) works well for improving brain function.

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