Current Topic:

Lyme Disease – The Challenges, The Controversy, and HOPE – Sept. 13th, 7 pm

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Future Topics:

Oct. 11 – Dr. Steven Wilke, Chiropractor
Nov. 8 – Holistic Approach to Fat and Cardiovascular Health – Katy Wallace, ND
Dec. 13 – Holiday Party
Jan. 10 – Kefir – Bill Lensmire
Soy in the Diet of Humans & Animals
Nourishing Our Children DVD
Heart Disease / Cholesterol / Statins
High Lysine / Low Arginine Diet
Soil Health – Symphony of the Soil – film screening
Growing Cities film screening
Natural Parenting
Natural Birth Options
Our Immune System and Vaccines
Drinking Water
Chronic Pain
Autoimmune Diseases
Fat-Soluble Vitamins and Minerals

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