1st nomination for entire 22 minute special report.  2nd nomination for “Gone in a Heartbeat,” Dr. Spector’s story of how undiagnosed Lyme necessitated a heart transplant.  3rd nomination in the category of “Interactivity,” due to how Fox5NY impacted the entire country by these Lyme broadcasts.

Here they are again

Lyme & Reason:  The Cause & Consequence of Lyme Disease.  June 30,2016

Brian A. Fallon, MD, Steven Phillips, MD, Paul Mead, MD, singer and songwriter Dana Parish, Lyme patient and advocate Susan Green, oncologist Neil Spector, MD, actress and TV personality Marla Maples, author, artist and designer Ally Hilfiger, Patricia De La Mora, Associate Professor, Lawrence Putter, MD, and 12-year-old Julia Bruzzese all speak on MSIDS.

Lyme & Reason 2.0:  The Voices of Change.  Nov 18, 2016

Focuses on the use of social media as a tool to inform and open the door to change on the Lyme disease front, and how patients, advocates, physicians and others are moving the conversation forward. Plus, host Teresa Priolo sits down with TV personality and Lyme disease patient and advocate Yolanda Hadid about her ongoing battle with Lyme.