One thousand patients with tick bites were treated with a 10% Azithromycin antibiotic gel within 72 hours of attachment.  None developed Lyme borreliosis.  Of the control group, receiving a placebo, 7 contracted LD.

The gel has to be applied every 12 hours over three days to be effective.

While this is certainly a wonderful tool for our toolbox, consider the story of the little girl who in under six hours developed a facial palsy and the inability to walk or talk after a tick bite.   If it were not for the fast actions of an experienced Lyme literate doctor giving her  injectable antibiotics, the outcome could have been devastating and life changing.

This demonstrates that infection can enter the central nervous system quickly and cause neurological symptoms, which if left untreated can cause damage.  I wish the study followed the people for a year, minimum.  Symptoms with Lyme (borrelia) tend to wax, wane, and migrate, often fooling people into thinking their symptoms are age-related.

Also, it’s important to note that no other infections were tested.  Powassan can be contracted in as little as 15 minutes.