Prelim MyLymeData Results

MyLymeData, launched last November, surveyed over 4,000 patients and has presented preliminary results:

**23% more patients who were diagnosed early reported being well compared to those diagnosed late.

**Of those diagnosed early, 68% remained ill.

**For those diagnosed late, 91% reported still being ill.

**57% reported that diagnostic delays were associated with false negative test results.

**13% with positive test results were dismissed by their clinicians as “false positives”.

MyLymeData is among the top 10% of patient registries in the nation.

The newest phase of MyLymeData is open to both current and new enrollees who may register at Patients currently participating in MyLymeData simply login to their accounts to complete the new survey sections.

Please take part in this important research.  Current NIH studies have utilized only 40-130 patients, making MyLymeData very unique.

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