A Child’s Lyme Story

It is not normal for a child to complain of leg pain – particularly in their joints.  For Patrik, the doctors told him he had growing pains.

End of story.

But it didn’t end for Patrik, and it doesn’t end for many children because it isn’t growing pains, it can often be a systemic infection that needs to be dealt with.  Patrik’s issues became more cognitive in nature where he had trouble with memory, paying attention, fatigue, and uncontrollable blinking.  This all intensified and he developed anxiety, stuttering, mood swings – and rage.

Patrik finally tested positively for Lyme and found a compassionate doctor who understood him and treated him for autoimmune brain dysfunction triggered by LD.

Please learn from this story, share it with others, and don’t settle for pat answers.  Doctors should not dismiss a child when they have severe pain and/or cognitive issues.

Good news – Patrik is doing better on treatment and has regained much of his cognitive ability.  In my experience children respond very well to proper MSIDS treatment which treats all forms of borrelia, and typically the various coinfections that tend to come along for the ride.

For various treatments to discuss with your practitioner see: