Big Shoes to Fill

Dear Madison Lyme Support folks,

I’m trying my hand today at writing my first post.  Now, remember, I’m of the “old” generation that knows just enough about computers to get into trouble.  🙂  So forgive my mistakes as I’m a neophyte.  Also, try to remember that I am attempting to fill some incredibly large shoes.  How Della did all this when she was at her sickest, is beyond comprehension.  I want to thank her again for her dedication to those who are too sick to have a voice.  Her presence in the Madison area particularly and the worldwide Lyme community is a blessing to all who know her.  I remember my first emails, received with fear and trepidation, as I didn’t know where to go for help.  Her advice always proved true and valuable.  So often in this illness you find yourself in a position where you need answers, perhaps about a particular doctor’s costs or regimen, and your own brain can’t function.  This is where Della and others from the Lyme community swept in and gave me the information I needed, provided necessary feedback, and encouraged me.  I can’t tell you how desperately I needed encouragement.

So, soon and very soon, I will be setting up our next support meeting.  I would like all of you to please consider what you want from the meetings and come prepared with suggestions.  After all, this is your baby.  What helps you the most?  Does just being around others in a similar situation encourage you?  Do you have particular questions you need answered?  Are you interested in subjects such as diet and nutrition?  Perhaps we can pool our knowledge and help each other as many of us have tried various things over the years and have gained experience.

Until next time, relish the good days, endure the bad, and keep hoping and believing for better,